March 1, 2016

How I Know I'm Meant to Be a Writer

My story is like that of a lot of authors: I knew I wanted to write since I was a little girl.

I'd fill pages and pages with my stories (and pathetic stick art too!). I dreamed. I crafted. I created.

Along the way, I lost my vision for writing fiction and pursued journalism instead. But about five years ago, I could no longer ignore the call of the fiction world. I just knew I had to be part of it, because it was already part of me.

I had a few years of a sort of "honeymoon" period--that time when the words came easy and I allowed myself to swim in the ocean of possibilities, to soak up all the learning, to imagine everything coming my way. I just knew in my heart that I was going to be published one day. One day soon! That all the hard work would pay off and I'd get there earlier than most do.

Oh, Lindsay. *pats the Lindsay of five years ago on the head*

Let's back up a bit. School and other academic endeavors always came naturally to me. I say that not to brag, but to help you understand--I was used to success.

And when I dove into this writing journey, I expected the same.

So imagine my surprise when just recently--after nearly five years of learning and immersing myself in this land of fiction writers--I get back critiques from my craft partners that demonstrated I still didn't "get it." Not that they said it that way...they were so encouraging and helpful!

But that's how I felt. I couldn't believe I STILL struggled with character arcs and plot. I mean, come on! What was wrong with me? Why wasn't my hard work paying off?

I remember praying and asking God, "When am I ever going to get to the point when I won't need their help? When I won't need YOUR help?"

And oh, man.

That's when it hit me. I will never get to the point when I don't need God. Or my craft partners. Or just help in general.

That was pure pride talking.

You see, for me, writing is a humbling experience. It's something I can't possibly do on my own. It's something that draws me closer to God, if I let it. It's something that's truly a challenge for me. That doesn't come easy. That requires ALL of me...and a little bit more.

That's how I know: I'm meant to be a writer.

Whether you're a writer or not, I pray that you can find that thing--the thing you're meant to do, that puts you constantly at the Lord's feet asking Him for help.

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