April 7, 2014

Choosing Gratitude

A few weeks ago, I sang offertory at church. I had to pick a song, so I went through the list of songs in my repertoire.

When I came across Nichole Nordeman's "Gratitude," I started to cry.

Because we may make all sorts of plans for our lives -- but God might not have those plans for us.

And in those cases, we have a choice: to curse him or thank him for what results.

To curse him is easier. Way easier. We can kick and scream and ask why, why, why?

Or...we can make the harder choice. We can thank him for teaching us to trust him.

That doesn't mean we don't question or express our anguish or uncertainty. I think God always wants us to be honest with him.

But it does mean approaching him with humility, with open hands.

Listen to this powerful song and the lyrics -- and be challenged as I was challenged. To be thankful in all things.

Your Turn: What are you grateful for today? 


  1. Love this song, Linds. Sometimes I'm absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude. I'm grateful God continues to show me mercy and gives me chance after chance without abandoning me. On a less serious note, I'm grateful for Coffeemate who made Girl Scout Cookie Caramel and Coconut creamer. I think maybe they did it just for me. :) Hugs, my friend.

  2. Funny to read this today because during my quiet time today, I found myself listing out things to be thankful for. So often I feel like my relationship with God boils down to me asking for stuff...please this and please that. So it was cool to sit down and actually write out things I'm thankful for just from the past week...an amazing book (seriously, I can't stop talking about Jesus is Better than You Imagined by Jonathan Merritt!!)...a wonderful day of writing on Saturday...the chance to hold book two in my hands...a surprise dinner with my parents on Friday night...

    But yeah, it's certainly harder to be grateful in the crappy seasons...it's so much of a choice then, just like you said. And not an easy one to make.

  3. Beautiful post and song, Lindsay. I love Nichole Nordeman's voice, and this song is so eloquent. Choosing to thank God in the difficult seasons is almost like an act of worship, I think. It's choosing to trust Him even when we don't see the outcome.

    Maybe 18 months ago, I began a "Thankful Journal." I try to list three things I'm thankful for each day. I'm learning to find things to be thankful for more quickly, even when things happen, like spraining my ankle in Yellowstone last summer. It smooths peace over a troubled spirit when I can choose gratitude.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Well you just hit on a note, so to speak, I was dwelling on today. I sat by the pool, then worked on the pool thinking all the while, I need to stop my pity party over this pain and remember all the Lord does for me. The list is endless. Going down that list I changed my attitude almost immediately. I still have lots of pain but I know there is a reason for it and possibly just to be by the pool and reflect on His love and words.

  5. Just beautiful. Thank you, Lindsay. You have such a beautiful heart!