April 28, 2014

What I've Been Up To...

Hey all. Sorry I haven't been around the blog much lately. Life has been, shall I say, a bit CRAZY lately. A good crazy. Just crazy.

Here's what I've been up to...

With the help of some good friends, we threw my husband Mike a surprise party for his 30th birthday. We did a "leaving the roaring 20s" theme. People dressed up, and we had lots of food, drinks, and gambling. Fun was had by all. Here are a few pictures:
Fun decor for the party!
Mike, me, and our friends Rachel and Jon, who hosted the party.

 Also, Mike and I visited my grandparents in south Texas. It was a nice trip -- and relaxing!
My grandpa and I by the Rio Grande. Mexico is in the background.
In the world of writing, I sent my book draft off to a few critique partners. I'm racing toward a June 1 deadline to get the book to my agent. Here's hoping -- and praying -- it's almost ready to send into the hands of editors soon after that!

Your Turn: What have you been up to lately? I've missed you all!! 

April 7, 2014

Choosing Gratitude

A few weeks ago, I sang offertory at church. I had to pick a song, so I went through the list of songs in my repertoire.

When I came across Nichole Nordeman's "Gratitude," I started to cry.

Because we may make all sorts of plans for our lives -- but God might not have those plans for us.

And in those cases, we have a choice: to curse him or thank him for what results.

To curse him is easier. Way easier. We can kick and scream and ask why, why, why?

Or...we can make the harder choice. We can thank him for teaching us to trust him.

That doesn't mean we don't question or express our anguish or uncertainty. I think God always wants us to be honest with him.

But it does mean approaching him with humility, with open hands.

Listen to this powerful song and the lyrics -- and be challenged as I was challenged. To be thankful in all things.

Your Turn: What are you grateful for today?