February 10, 2014

Gratitude: What's Going on in Lindsay Land

Lately, I've been feeling a little down. I have my reasons, but suffice it to say that I've been discontent with some things in my life.

But I've also been reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts. Amazing book! Seriously. Her prose is exquisite. Plus, it has been teaching me a lot about gratitude.

I'll probably write another post about how this book has challenged me, but for now, I'm choosing to focus on the great things in my life. Because I'm blessed to have many.

So here's a little glimpse at some of the joys of my life lately (in addition to the obvious things like awesome friends and family, etc.):

New reads
I've got some great books in my To Be Read pile, like Rachel Hauck's latest release, Princess Ever After! I'm so looking forward to digging in, enjoying the journey, and learning from the greats.

New habits
I'm trying really hard to change my eating habits. That doesn't mean I don't fall off the wagon occasionally (especially when I don't feel good!), but I've been trying to eat more "real food" -- aka, food without artificial preservatives, dyes, etc. -- and make more food from scratch. A few weeks ago, we had homemade pizza (complete with homemade dough) and it was one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten! Yum!!

Lots of musicals!
Mike and I got season tickets to see four different shows at Gammage, our local theater that produces really great Broadway-style shows. Just this weekend, we saw Wizard of Oz and it was wonderful. The little dog that played Toto stole the show.

Cute puppies
My puppies Chloe and Pascal always keep me laughing. Pascal fell asleep like this last week and it was adorable!

Revisions and a retreat
I'm working on revisions for my book, The Song Inside. It's going to take a lot of work and butt-in-chair time, but I've already got the first three chapters rewritten. That's something, right?

And at the end of this month, I get to go to Florida for a writing retreat (the picture above is me and a few friends at the retreat last year). It's just what I need to get recharged! I plan to soak up the sun (if there is any this year!) and as much knowledge as I can from some women who have played a huge role in my writing life.

Your Turn: What's going on in your neck of the woods? What are you grateful for today?


  1. Things I'm grateful for: I get to come hang out with you in 31 days! Also, I was reading Rachel's book this weekend (when I was supposed to be writing--ha!) and there was a spot in the book where her main character talks about how much she loves Mondays because they're a chance to start fresh, like 52 opportunities every year for a New Years-like feeling. It really made me think--I tend to go into Mondays moaning and groaning that the weekend was too short and I'm not ready for a new week. I thought of that spot in the book this morning and it's really changed my outlook on today. So, I'm grateful for that. :)

    1. You have such a good attitude! And I can't wait to get to the book. Haven't been able to do more than read the first chapter. Torture!

  2. Melissa! I JUST read that scene this morning! :) I'm loving Rachel's book too. :)

    Lindsay, great post. I'm looking forward to seeing you in just under two weeks! That's one thing I'm grateful for! :) I've been sick for the last number of days, so one thing that makes my heart full is thinking about all my husband did so I could rest and beat this bug. Plus two fun, compassionate boys. Plus a beautiful winter morning. Even if it is cloudy. I'm grateful for a day at home to rest and hopefully do some writing preps.

    Have a great day my friend!

    1. I'm so glad I get to see you too!! I am definitely needing some time away to hang with writing friends and focus on my writing. :)

  3. I have so much to be grateful for. One, I was missing me some Lindsay, and I was happy to see a new blog post by you! :) Two, I'm beginning to feel like this healthy eating thing is becoming a habit, although I did wander off the path a little this past week--but, it wasn't too bad, and easy to get back. Three, my family has been amazingly healthy this year, and everyone is doing well in school/preschool, etc. Four, I'm going to Florida soon with my hubby! And five, I've started book three and I'm finally getting a handle on the plot. Thank you for helping me remember all I'm grateful for.

    1. I miss me some Gabe!! I'm bummed we won't be in Florida together this year, but hope you have a blast with Dave! And yay for getting the handle on the plot of your new book. I'm doing the same with mine.

  4. Lindsay, I'm glad you have so many fun things happening in your life right now. I wish you all the best on the rewrite. Been there; done that. Survived--and learned a lot. I trust you will, too.

    1. Yes, I look to you as a testimony that the rewrites will be worth it in the end! Thanks for the encouragement, Keli.