September 9, 2013

What I Learned from Jody Hedlund's *Rebellious Heart* {and a Giveaway!}

When I received my copy of Jody Hedlund's latest, Rebellious Heart, I was eager to dig in. I've enjoyed her past novels immensely.

She writes inspirational historical romance. I love how each of her books takes me back to another time in history and provides sigh-worthy moments between the hero and heroine.

This book did not disappoint.

But this book also really got me thinking (not that her others didn't!). You see, it is based loosely on the courtship of John and Abigail Adams (yes, as in the second President of the United States and his First Lady). It takes place several years before the Revolutionary War. The two main characters are dealing with an oppressive government and wrestle with whether it is okay to disobey an earthly authority when that authority seems to go against rights endowed by the Creator.

The preponderance of these issues is not new to me -- after all, just think about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement -- but something in Jody's book really struck a chord with me.

Now, I've very blessed that on a daily basis, I don't have to choose between following the laws set before me and doing what is right before the Lord. Of course there are some laws I don't agree with in our country, but none that really affect how I live my life day in and day out (as in, I don't have to make a choice between the the two).

And yet still, Jody's book got me thinking. And there's a theme that's very, very relevant to my life.

At one point in the book, a character says, "No matter what happens in the days to can't let fear take hold and stop you from doing the right thing." 

That quote challenged me. Because how many times do I do just that...let fear control me? Stop me from speaking up when I should? Cause me to speak when I should be quiet and trust in the Lord?

God has set a path before me -- one that requires me to put all of my faith in Him -- and to be honest, the lack of control is often scary. I'm so grateful I have a God who is trustworthy, who is able to keep my fear at bay, who gives me courage.

Because even today, even in the little things, I can be brave.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Jody has graciously offered to give away a copy of Rebellious Heart to one commenter. Please leave a comment (and your email!) by Saturday, September 14 at midnight and I'll notify the winner next week. Please note that only those in the U.S. can qualify for this prize.

Your Turn: How can you be brave in your own life? And are you looking forward to reading Jody's latest?!

Jody Hedlund is an award-winning and bestselling author of inspirational historical romances. As a busy mama-writer, she has the wonderful privilege of teaching her crew of 5 children at home. In between grading math papers and giving spelling tests, she occasionally does a load of laundry and washes dishes. When she's not busy being a mama, you can find her in front of her laptop working on another of her page-turning stories. She loves reading almost as much as she loves writing, especially when it also involves chocolate and coffee.


  1. I love this, Linz, and I loved Jody's book. SO MUCH! And I love the quote you pulled from the book.

  2. My husband just preached last night on praying and not letting worry or fear control you. But trust in God! Sounds like a definite must read.

  3. As I finish up my college years, the lesson of learning to trust God rather than fear the future is something I am learning on a regular basis. The quote you mentioned struck a chord in my heart this morning as I get ready to start my day. I am emboldened by the power of Christ in me, therefore giving me no reason to fear anything! Thanks for this!

  4. I would love to win this book it sounds fantastic. I know that fear can be such a stumbling block but God helps us to be overcomers if our fear.

  5. I think Jesus calls us to do things outside of our comfort zone, and it takes bravery to branch out and follow Him instead of making excuses to justify our tendency to 'ignore' those harder things. For me, it's witnessing to my neighbor...thank you for the encouragement and the chance to win a copy of Jody's newest book!

  6. I love fiction that is not only a great, entertaining read, but also makes me think and challenges me in some way! Really looking forward to reading this book!

    Stephanie C.

  7. Looks like a really good book. Would love to win.

  8. Oh wow! I love Jody's books and I would love to win this one so I can read it too! dlknee(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. I'm not sure how to be brave in my own life, except to trust God no matter what comes along. That is sometimes hard to do. I am looking forward to reading her book.

  10. The review intrigues me and I'd enjoy reading your story. I'm a big historical fiction fan and I tend to read all the books by an author who's able to spin a good tale with excellent character development. Additionally, my son received the John and Abigail Adams scholarship for college, but I've never dug into their past, so it would almost make the tale a bit personal to me. (pudy68 @ gmail . com)

  11. Excellent thoughts this morning! I so appreciate Christian fiction for that and many reasons... it makes you think and provides great quotes! :) This book has been at the top of my TBR list for some time now! Thanks!


  12. Take more chances and risks instead of always being overly cautious! I am looking forward to reading this book! makeighleekyleigh at yahoo dot com

  13. The description of the book sounds great! I'm always on the lookout for good christian based books. I love how they reaffirm my beliefs and tell a good story at the same time. I like finding authors that are new to me as well as reading all their books that I can get a hold of. I am a regular book addict! I would love to win this book.

  14. Am definitely looking forward to reading Jody's new release. Thanks for the chance to win!

    ckbarker at gmail dot com

  15. How exciting!! One of my favorite verses is Duet. 31:6 "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

    This is a verse I've been able to apply in many areas of my life. Whenever I'm going through a big change and having to make a major decision, this serves as a gentle reminder!

    I'm still pretty new to Jody's work, so I'm excited to get into it more!

  16. I love reading books from Michigan authors, and I enjoy Jody Hedlund :)

  17. Those are some great thoughts. I'm looking forward to reading such an inspirational book! Thanks for the giveaway!


  18. loved Hedlund's other books. thanks for the opportunity! Mary at

  19. I love Jody's other books. I have read everyone. I am excited about this book! My favorite so far was "The Doctor's Lady"!

  20. I need to be brave and explore new job opportunities. I love Jody's books!

  21. I so look forward to reading this book, and would love to win! jenalunde(at)yahoo(dot)com

  22. We have to make up our minds to do just that! Always do the right thing and don't give in to fear. I would love to win this book! Donna

  23. Thank you for stopping by today, everyone! Your excitement over reading my newest release just warms my heart! :-) I hope you'll have the chance at some point!

    And thank you SO much for hosting me today, Lindsay and doing this giveaway! Bless you! :-)

  24. I think being brave can only happen when we are trusting in our daily life and with the people that are most precious to us we have to trust that God is in control. truckredford(at)gmail(dot)com
    would love to win!! thanks for the chance

  25. I have loved having all of you here, and your thoughts on being brave have been so deep and awesome!! Thanks for participating. I know Jody apprecites the support. I can't wait for one of you to win her book!

    1. I am so excited to read this book. God willing, I hope my comment is selected to win a copy of it. Our rebellious spirit creeps into our "listening and obeying" all the time so any helpful tips and reminders would be great!

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  27. can not wait to read this book!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds very awesome, and a new type of book for me....although I already like jody's books :D <3
    Love, Valerie

  28. I am very much looking forward to reading Jody's latest! I love all of her books!
    Right now I'm a freshman in college and it has been a really hard transition for me. I can be brave by stepping out of my comfort zone and trusting God with my plans and future.


  29. Lindsay, I really enjoyed your post. Love Jody's books. She's a fantastic author. The only way I can be brave is when I know for sure I'm in God's will and He's walking all along the way. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway. Please enter my name in the giveaway. Thank you!
    Barbara Thompson

  30. I think having the courage to step out & speak up for what we believe in - comes from the Lord, & requires Christian maturity. With increased prayer & bible study - comes increased courage.

    I love the storyline of your book, Jody - thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!


  31. I'm really not sure how I am brave in my own life. I am trying to make changes that are very hard for me, so I suppose that might be something.

    The book sounds very interesting and I would love to win a copy.


    Stephanie F.