September 23, 2013

My Pinterest Board for *The Song Inside*

For a long time, I avoided the world of Pinterest.

I know, I know. As an aspiring author, shouldn't I want to be on yet another social media site? (Can you sense the sarcasm???)

But seriously. I'd heard how addicting Pinterest was and I just didn't have time to figure it out.

I finally started using it as a way to keep track of healthy recipes and articles on fitness. Truly, that was its only usefulness for me.

But recently, I've branched out and tried something new. I created a Pinterest board for my novel, The Song Inside. It was actually a fun way to share with you, my friends and readers, some images of what I pictured as I wrote my novel.

The board includes pictures of my characters, my setting, and different parts of my book. It doesn't give away any secrets or surprises, so no worries there. :)

To give you some context, here's a brief description of my book:

Aspiring Los Angeles singer Stacy Mills is desperate to keep a promise, but her chances seem slim when she's blacklisted in the theater community. Near-divorcee Marcy Mills is tired of failing and will do anything to finally bring harmony between her and her daughter. But when she enters Stacy in a local televised singing contest, she's shocked to learn they've both won spots. She figures there's no better way to grow closer to her daughter than to be near her, but Stacy's having a hard time letting go of the past and understanding her mom's motives for competing. For one to succeed, the other must fail. What will it take for their two hearts to beat in perfect rhythm at last?

I'd love for you to check it out and tell me what you think!

Your Turn: Are you on Pinterest? If so, what types of pins/boards/topics are your favorite to pin? Also, feel free to leave your Pinterest handle below -- I'm always looking for interesting boards to follow!r


  1. Love it, Lindsay! Pinterest is just SUCH a great tool--no longer do I have to rip out magazine pages and cram them in a binder for visuals! Of course, you know I have loads of Vikings over on my boards, but I also have some pics for my Appalachian mystery, some writing quotes, some Southern quotes...just lots o' stuff. Will check your board out now! And my Pinterest is here if anyone wants to check:

    1. Thanks for sharing, Heather! You were one of the first ones I noticed to really use Pinterest well for your stories. Thanks for leading the pack!

  2. How fun to see your Pinterest board for your work-in-progress (WIP), Lindsay! Love it! I've embraced Pinterest too. I know I can be doing more, but I'm having fun with what I'm doing. (And there's always more, right?)

    1. Thanks, Beth! Yes, there's always more to do. But actually, I had a lot of fun with this one. My husband wasn't home on a Friday night, and I felt like doing something productive, but couldn't write or thus, the Pinterest board was born!