September 20, 2013

American Christian Fiction Writers 2013: A Whirlwind Recapped

Last weekend, I attended the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Indianapolis. It was my second time attending this conference, and for whatever reason, I felt calmer overall. I had some great pitching appointments and God really met me there and gave me some encouragement for the coming year.

But the best part was seeing all of my writing friends! Here are some pics to recap the weekend.

So fun meeting online friends in person for the first time! Me with Amy Drown and Jill Buteyn.

Fangirl moment! I got to chat with Becky Wade several times. Love her and her books!

Love these ladies! Me with Jennifer Major, Jeanne Takenaka, and Gabrielle Meyer.

I got to play the Tin (wo)Man in a My Book Therapy rendition of
The Wizard of Oz. Here I am with Dorothy, aka Susan May Warren.

Me and the Cowardly Lion, aka Jim Rubart, getting into character.

Me with the agents of Oz, Amanda Luedeke and Chip MacGregor.

Waiting for pitches...

I got all dressed up for the gala, since I was a Genesis finalist.
I didn't win but it was such a privilege to be there!

Me with some of the My Book Therapy crew.

Me and the Jills (Jill Kemerer and Jill Buteyn), two other Genesis finalists!

Love me some Katie Ganshert! I got to have lunch with her one day.
Heart of gold, that one.

Me and Gabe! We've been at every major writing event together so far in
our careers. It's awesome walking this road with her.

Jessica Patch and I get silly around each other.

Snapped a pic with Bethany House editor, Raela Schoenherr. Sweetest girl ever!

Poor Ash may have had on a cast, but that didn't stop her radiant smile! Love her!

Rachel Hauck won Mentor of the Year. She totally deserves it. She's made a huge
difference in my writing career this year.

My GLAM girls!

Me with Joanne Bischof.

Me and Jess being normal for once. :P


Great group of ladies right here.

My craft partner, Melissa Tagg, and I hamming it up for the camera.

We can be normal...

Gabe and I participating in genre night. She dressed up historical and
I dressed up like Stacy, a character who participates in a televised
singing competition in my book The Song Inside!


  1. Looks like a fantastic event!! Sorry you didn't win....keep up the hard work. God has plans for your writing...We love you, Lindz...


  2. Fun fun fun! Loved every minute with you!

    1. Same here! And it was extra fun to room together.

  3. It was SO fun seeing you again, Lindsay! Great pictures!!

    1. I'm sooooo glad you got to come after all, Jill! Your smiling face was one of the highlights of my conference.

  4. Yay for ACFW. Man it was such a good time!

    1. I know! And the fun continues this week...

  5. Loved seeing all these pictures, and your memories my friend!! You are such an amazing gal, your effervescence shines through in all you do.

    1. Aw, thanks, Jeanne! I could definitely say the same about you.

  6. Love, love, love all the photos. One request: May I photoshop myself into your pic with Joanne BIschof? Somehow I managed to get back to CO without snapping a photo with her. *Heartbreak*

    1. Sure you can! :) My one complaint about ACFW was not seeing you nearly enough. You're so popular!

  7. How fun!! The conference looks awesome! Glad you had a great time of fun and fellowship girl! :) And thanks for taking us along with you!

  8. I felt like I was at the conference with you. Your photos and updates were appreciated. Need to get my book done already so I can attend and experience ACFW for myself. Glad you're enjoying your stay in Iowa. Have a great time today!