September 2, 2013

A Pale Girl's Guide for Surviving at the Beach

Happy September, everyone!

I have missed blogging and hanging out with you here. But I had a pretty stellar August, I must say. It has been crazy busy trying to get ready for a big writer's conference I will be attending next week (next week? Ah!!!)

My husband and I also spent a lovely week in San Diego. It was such a great time of hanging out together, relaxing, and -- you guessed it -- reading.

But there is a downside to beaching it (as I call going to the beach...pretty sure I made that word up). And that is SUNBURN.

Because I am extremely pale, if you cannot tell.

And the sun takes pleasure in burning my flesh. Or something.

So because of my recent experiences, and the fact that this is Labor Day -- the unofficial last day of summer -- here are some tips for surviving at the beach when you're uber pale like me.

Tip #1:
When you finally arrive at your destination -- which happens to be an amazing beachside hotel -- remember to apply sunscreen immediately. Otherwise, a brief 30-minute walk down the boardwalk can result in a burn. Lindsay - 0. Sun - 1.

Tip #2:
When you go to SeaWorld, it doesn't matter how religious you are about applying sunscreen if you forget the strip just above your short line. sit for a lot of shows and your shorts will inevitably ride up, leaving you with a burn that. Looks. Ridiculous!!!!

Tip #3:
A beach umbrella is an excellent way to prevent your already-burned shoulders and knees from getting even redder.

Tip #4:
When the wind is blowing far too hard to make an umbrella feasible, your next-best option is to cover up from head to toe. On the beach. Sure, you may look ridiculous, but at least you won't go home looking like a complete lobster.

Tip #5:
If you want to rock bright red lips without using lipstick or eating a popsicle, simply stay in the sun for eight hours without applying a chapstick that has SPF in it. Yeah baby. They'll even puff up and feel a little numb...

That concludes this pale girl's tips for surviving at the beach. I hope you had a good laugh at my expense.

I've missed you all and am excited to be back! What have you been up to? What awesome things did August hold for you?

Oh yeah, and happy Labor Day! :)


  1. Oooooh! You poor baby! Lots and lots of aloe!!

    August brought a wonderful gathering of family to our home. Some were family that we haven't seen in 5 years - exhausting but wonderful!

  2. Hehehe...hilarious, Lindsay! Sorry about the sunburn! Happy I get to see you soon!

    I learned a while ago the value of SPF 45 and the priceless thing that is lipbalm with sunscreen.
    So sorry you hurt.

    August? Umm, vaycay with hubs family. :D
    Which reminded me of how much I love my own cabin.

  4. Great post and shout-out to all the pale gals among us! I like the hoodie pic best--best way to beat those sun's rays! I'm telling you, I can use 100 SPF and still get burnt...but one weapon in my arsenal is a BIG HAT. Big hats can look cool AND you don't wind up burning your face off poolside. Sorry you got burnt but glad you had fun and are gearing up for ACFW! Wish I could meet everyone this year. I'll be living vicariously through everyone's posts.