August 5, 2013

August Plans and a Break

I can hardly believe it's August already.

Soon, it will be fall! Cooler weather (amen!), walks outside, the's all quickly approaching.

Time seems to fly by faster and faster. That's one reason I've decided to take a blogging break for the rest of August. I need some time to breathe. Time to rest. More time to spend with loved ones.

And I've found that when I rest, I come back to something refreshed and much more ready to do an amazing job.

Not only that, but during the month of August, I've got a lot going on:
  • A friend is visiting and staying with us for a week.
  • I'm finishing revisions on my book!
  • We are going on a week-long vacation to California.
  • I'm preparing for a writing conference I'll be attending in less than six weeks (which, yes, will include some clothes shopping!).
  • I'm guest posting on a few blogs (so you may actually see a few surprise posts alerting you when they happen!)
August is going to be amazing! I'll miss interacting with you here but will be on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest -- so don't be shy!

Your Turn: What does your August hold?

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  1. DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!! Fine ... I'll tweet you, or text you, or stalk your FB, or realize, that heck, my August is busy too! :) :) Enjoy and have tons of fun! :) See you in September. SQUEE!

  2. Haha, ummm, I'm a little jealous. J/K...I love blogging. But I WILL miss you around here. Although, like Jaime said, I'm pretty dang sure I will be in contact with you just about every other way there is. :)

    As for my July, it's full of book one marketing, book two rewrites and a new proposal. Oh yeah, and the day job. But I do have a little play time scheduled on a couple weekends. Yay!

  3. August = back to school for my daughter, CJ ... and rediscovering my schedule!

  4. August is a month of writing rest for me as I gear up for conference, which really I'm geared up for lol. It means back to school, my daughter starting high school. I'll need a heavy dose of adjustment period. You know I'll be finding you through other avenues. Enjoy your break.

  5. August is actually blessedly calm (at least compared to July!). Getting ready for ACFW, prepping for our first year of homeschooling, taking my girls on a fun trip to see where our favorite literary characters grew up, and just enjoying the last month of summer vacation.

    I'll miss your blog, but I know where to find you when I need a little Lindsay time. ;) Enjoy the blogging break!

  6. Praying that God refreshes and rejuvenates your heart, soul and mind as you breathe, resting in Him.

  7. Planning and prepping for ACFW, a short two week jaunt to Ontario, trying to lose that last 75 pounds before ACFW, going bonkers cuz how is summer half over?

    I leave in 5 weeks!!!??? AHHHHHH!!!

  8. Good for you, Lindsay! I may have to consider this too, even though I'm only blogging once a week right now. Having that extra time would be nice for my own preps for ACFW.

    What does my August hold? All the back to school preps, as the boys begin on Aug 20th. Uniform sale tomorrow, a kiddo's birthday last weekend, completing my rough draft for my new book, and trying to discover our "normal" for this school year.

    Have a great break, Lindsay!

  9. It's almost time for you to come back to blogging. Just saying :)

    Hope you're enjoying, though!