July 22, 2013

Sometimes the Answer Is Resting in Him

Last week, I had a moment of panic.

Because I realized...I can't do it all.

Yes, yes, I've been talking a lot lately about giving ourselves grace and being okay with not being able to do it all. About how we need to turn to God and ask for His strength to help us do what's most important.

And even though I firmly believe that, I still have moments when I find myself WANTING to do it all. And actually, not even "all" -- with two goldens that shed like crazy, I long ago gave up the delusion that I'd have a constantly clean home -- but it's even been difficult to find time and energy to do the few things I really want or have to do.

I've narrowed the things in my life to the most important. I don't volunteer on a bunch of committees. I don't bring food every time someone in my Sunday school class has a baby. I don't do any number of "extras" that I could do.

But I've got some responsibilities I can't escape -- and several I don't want to. Like working full-time, being married, being a sister and daughter and friend. Owning a home. Paying the bills.

Then I have goals I want to achieve, like getting healthy and finishing revisions on my current book. Making a career out of this fiction writing gig.

Oh yeah. And spending time with God. Learning more about Him. Savoring my time in His presence. Relishing telling Him about my day.

But let me tell you...it's HARD to fit all of that in. But I can't really see myself eliminating any one of them from my life.

And leaning on the Lord for strength is just what I need to do.

But even more...I need to rest in Him.

It always makes me shake my head and laugh when the Lord uses things in my life to remind me of His truth, over and over. So of course, on the week when I'm fretting about not having time/energy to do all I want/have to, my devotional, Jesus Calling, talks about REST.

This entry from July 20 really stood out to me:

"Seek my face, and you will find all that you have longed for."

That's it. Seek His face. Rest in Him.

He'll take care of the rest.

It pulls me back to my life verse, Philippians 1:6: "There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears."

I don't have all the answers. I don't always know how to balance the have to's and the want to's and the what-if-I-can'ts.

But He does.

Let's go, rest in Him, and we'll have accomplished the most important thing for our day...and then, let Him direct our steps and lead us toward that flourishing finish.

Your Turn: Can you relate? How do you balance the have to's and the want to's?

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  1. Can I relate? Well, last week it sunk in that I have to do book one marketing, book two rewrites and pull together a proposal and sample chapters for a new series all within the next three months WHILE planning the MBT pizza party and a launch party and getting ready to ACFW. Hehehe...um, but amazingly, I've felt sorta non-stressed so far.

    I LOVE that verse in Philippians. It's such a good reminder that God never starts something in us he doesn't intend to finish. And that includes helping us balance our time and accomplish our must dos. Like you, I've had to cut out some want tos--some just for a season; some probably permanently. But that's okay. I love that God is faithful to give us the discernment we need when it comes to know what to do and what to let go.

    OH, hey, did you read Jesus Calling this morning? I love how it defined rest today--trusting confidence. Isn't that so good??

    1. Yes, soooo good! And I'm so glad you can relate. In fact, I knew you could. :)

  2. Balance is most definitely the question of the day. Some days, it's an illusion. Other days, it's a beautiful reality. And much like you said, the days that I allow various things to throw my balance out of whack, I realize that I'm not resting in Him. And dude, it's just SNEAKY, isn't it?!? I love your life verse, Lindsay. I just wrote it on a sticky and put in on the wall next to me.

    1. Yes, sneaky indeed! I hope the verse encourages you as much as it does me.

  3. Where do I begin? I didn't get to my Monday post because I chose to spend the evening with my oldest watching Anne of Green Gables for her first time. It was her ninth birthday yesterday and I can't tell you how fast the time has flown by. She asked to watch the movie with me. I could have pulled out the computer and worked on the post while I sat there...but it was way more fun to laugh along with her, to share those fun smiles when Anne gets herself into trouble and to just bond with her over a shared joy. That's how I'm learning to balance. To just take things a day at a time and appreciate the simple things. She's more important than a blog post.

    1. I love that. You're totally and completely right. I love that you have your priorities straight.

  4. Oh yeah, I relate to your post. You should check out mine that I wrote today. It's VERY similar to yours.
    God's been showing me that TIMING is in His hands.

    He's also helping me prioritize and cut some things out.

    AS for the shedding thing...my German Shepherd keeps me busy. I have to vacuum daily to keep up with her shedding. But I love her:)

    1. I'm learning to trust His timing too. It's not the easiest thing in the world, but I know it's the best choice.