July 5, 2013

Fun Friday: Staycation

This will be me and Mike this week. Except not really. Because we don't watch scary movies, and my husband doesn't get scared. I just thought this was a funny picture!
A few months ago, Mike and I were pretty weary. And August -- when we are taking our weeklong vacation together -- seemed forever away.

So we looked on the calendar and discovered we both had a four-day weekend over July 4.


Instead of planning a trip somewhere, we decided to stay home. Oh, and take the entire weekend and not make a single plan other than to do family stuff on the actual Fourth of July.

But the rest of this weekend...open!

No plans with anyone.

No schedule to stick to.

Nothing we have to accomplish.

In other words...heaven.

I'm hoping to read, watch movies, sleep in, and just do some all-around relaxing. But I don't have any obligations, and that feels flat-out lovely.

Your Turn: What would you do for a staycation?

*Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net


  1. From Late October until late May, we have hockey. This year, we were down to 2 boys playing competitive (a nice, Canadian way of saying super elite and really $$$) all over the area. By "the area" I mean anywhere from a 10 minute drive to a 5 hour drive. And they'll only cancel hockey if there's so much snow, you can't see the end of your arm.
    We travel and stay in hotels. Alot. Glamorous? Sure, with an open gear bag in the same room?
    If hotels want to kill bedbugs, they should open a gear bag in each room.

    When we have time off in the summer, we go to Ontario (only a 15 hour drive, no big deal) and drop at a certain spot and the only commitment we have it who's cooking.

    During the hockey season, we can go weeks without ever having a Saturday or Sunday off. If we do? We don't leave the house. And I will smite anyone who dares call a practice within 48 of Christmas.

    But one it will all be a memory. SO I enjoy it now, while I can.

    1. Wow, I totally didn't answer the question...Lindsay, you can get mad at me in September...

  2. Staycation in Colorado Springs? That would have to include a walk in Garden of the Gods -- our favorite place to walk and hold hands and talk and ... breathe.

  3. I'm with Beth. Garden of the Gods is breathtaking. With two young-ish boys at home, my ideal staycation won't happen. But when we've done it, we've gone to Pikes Peak—driven up the winding, mostly un "guard railed" road. We've gone on bike rides around the neighborhood, watched movies, played games and enjoyed having no plans.

    My ideal staycation would include more of what you described. :) Enjoy yours my friend!

  4. Getting out of the heat! But that's not possible while staying in Phoenix. Oh well...we had our time in paradise last month! ;)

    So I'm not complaining...