June 12, 2013

Worship Wednesday: "Carry Me" by Josh Wilson

A lot of times in life, we go, go ,go.

Until we can't go anymore.

We can't even lift a finger to do...anything.

Our legs won't hold us upright.

I'm speaking metaphorically, of course.

But even in the metaphorical sense, we understand what it means for someone to carry us when we can't go any farther on our own.

I've reached this place a number of times. Times when I came to the end of myself, saw that there was nothing left...and either tried to plow forward anyway -- always to the detriment of my spirit -- or waited.

Waited for God to carry me.

I love Josh Wilson's "Carry Me" because it talks of just that moment. Take a listen below. Soak in the truth. The heart behind it. And relate.

It's okay. There's nothing wrong with needing to be carried.

We may see it as a weakness, but actually, it takes strength to give it all up, humility to admit our limitations.

And you know what? When you call out to Him, He'll carry you to places you never could have gone on your own. Just wait and see.

Your Turn: Do you find it hard to let God carry you?

*Today I'm so excited to be guest posting on my friend Amanda Dykes' blog. I'm talking about waiting...and living in the here and now. Won't you come say hi?


  1. "It takes strength to give it all up, humility to admit our limitations." So, so true. Awesome post, as always, Linz. Heading over to Amanda's... :)

    1. Thanks for being so faithful to stop by, friend!

  2. Thanks for allowing a wonderful soak in worship through this song on a fine morning! I love acoustic, and he does it well. Sometimes I have to be reminded to let God carry me, and it's normally when I'm on the ground from running too much, looking up.

    1. I love acoustic too. There's something raw and wonderful about it.

  3. Yes, I find it hard. I'm beginning to realize how much I try to control every little thing. God's calling me to submit to Him. His strength, His wisdom, His plans... I need Him to carry me, because when I try to carry myself, I grow much too weak. Thank you for this blog post today, Lindsay. :)

    1. Friend, can I just hug you? Oh wait, I can in two weeks! I just love how well we relate to each other. I respect you so much, Gabe!