June 7, 2013

Fun Friday: What Are You Reading?

As you've probably guessed, I looooove reading. It's pretty much my favorite pasttime.

And unfortunately, I don't get a lot of chance to read. Or as much as I'd like, anyway. But last week as my dad drove us to and from Oklahoma, I got lots of time to read.

'Twas glorious!

I read Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck...and LOVED it.

And Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer...and LOVED it.
And now I'm reading Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade!
It's so fun and yummy and I love it!
Your Turn: What are you reading? Or what's on your I-really-wanna-read-this-soon list?


  1. Hi Lindsay. I just finished Deeanne Gist's It Happened at the Fair. We have a book report posted today for a free give away. Though I'm an Historical die hard, I'm hoping to order Undeniably Yours soon! :) I loved Becky Wade's last release.

  2. Right now I'm reading...Made to Last. HA! But it's true...the galleys are sitting right in front of me. Hehehe...

    But as soon as that's done, I'm back to reading Karen Witemeyer's Stealing the Preacher. I'm a few chapters in and already love it. Killing me not to get back to it. I also recently read both Becky and Rachel's books and loved them. And soon up is Rajdeep Paulus's debut YA novel. Oh, and I've been hankering to read Ian Acheson's Angelguard for weeks! I've had to put the others first since I'm an influencer on those, but his book keeps looking at me from the top of the pile, begging to be read. Yes, books talk to me. Clearly, I need more sleep or something. Haha!

    Rambling. :)

  3. I read Once Upon a Prince while on deadline (do NOT tell my editor!) and just finished Susan May Warren's Take a Chance on Me (trademark SMW adventure!) and am now reading Joanne Bischoff's Though My Heart is Torn. For some reason, my TBR pile keeps growing, not decreasing.

  4. I'm currently reading Heaven Texas, one of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' old backlist titles, because I remembered that the hero from it shares some aspects of character with the hero in my wip. I wanted to see how she (very masterfully) developed him and his conflict. :) Thanks for reading Undeniably Yours, Lindsay!! I really appreciate it.

  5. I'm reading Once Upon a Prince right now. LOVING it!! I'm about to begin Take a Chance On Me, by Susan May Warren on my Kindle. I read when I walk on the treadmill. Great incentive to get on it! :) I have so many book in my TBR pile. It's so hard to be restricted in time to read!

  6. Reading my publicity copy of Sandra Orchard's Deadly Devotion. Thought its not going nearly fast enough since I'm supposed to be finishing the last 5k in my wip. As soon as I finish I'm gonna devour the rest of the books in my TBR pile as a reward ;)

  7. I just finished reading Reggie White's autobiography. I loved Becky's new book! I want to read Once Upon a Prince, too! :)

  8. I just read Once Upon a Prince - loved it.
    Just won Stealing the Preacher - TBR once I receive it, always love her books.
    Finished today - Sweet Mercy by Ann Tatlock - good read!

  9. I really want to read The Great Gatsby before it leaves the cinema but, alas, I don't think it's gonna happen : o /