June 14, 2013

Fun Friday: Fathers

Daddio and me. Yes. We're strange. Actually, this was my idea, so I'm strange.

This weekend is Father's Day, as most of you know.

I'm really blessed to have a Daddy who is just...simply put...the bestest.

With everything I've gone through in losing my mom, my dad has been a rock in my life and I just respect and love him soooo much. He's taught me a lot and loved me in spite of...well, me being me.

So this weekend, I'm excited to celebrate him and all he's meant to me and continues to mean to me.

Your Turn: Who are you celebrating -- or remembering -- this weekend?


  1. My dad! I love him!

    Love that photo of you and your dad, Linz!

  2. My dad and the amazing daddy to my kiddos. :) Love the pic!!

  3. Great photo Linz! I need to make sure and take a goofy one with my Pops. We are going to celebrate my Dad and my hubby. Dad taught me to always take care of my responsibilities and my hubby has taught me to learn to relax and have fun while taking care of those many responsibilities. Lol!

    Enjoy your time with you Daddio!

  4. Ahhh, now I see where you get your pretty blue eyes. :) Love this pic of family goofiness!

  5. I love, LOVE this pic, Lindsay! You are blessed. I am celebrating my father as well as my husband, the father of our two boys. :) My dad has taught me much over the years, and I'm so glad God gave me to him and my mom. My husband is so great about wrestling with the boys, praying for me in the "mommy-role" and in modeling a Christ-filled life for us all. I am truly a blessed woman.