April 12, 2013

Fun Friday: Weird Food Combinations

The other night, I ate pizza. It was yummy.

But what made it even yummier was this:

Yes, I drink milk when I eat pizza.

I've been told this is "weird."

Me? I just think it's delicious.

Your Turn: What food combination is delicious to you but "weird" to others?

*Photos courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net


  1. My son dips EVERYTHING in his line up of sauces; ketchup, b-que sauce and ranch. Everything, even his apples slices and noodles.

  2. Milk AND pizza? Mmmmm. Not.

    Ranch dressing on steak. YUM!

  3. LOL that IS weird.

    Um, I once ate a tuna sandwich with bbq sauce. Yeah, a little weird. But I love bbq sauce so much that I look for excuses to eat it with weird things. I had a roommate who would dip celery in bbq sauce!

  4. I drink milk with popcorn. I know, weird. Also, I grew up eating peanut butter on apples as a snack. When I took this to my son's class as a snack, some of the teachers at his school thought I was nuts-- they had never heard of apples and peanut butter. Also good-- apples & Nutella. Strawberries & Nutella. Or just Nutella. :)

  5. Uh at home my hubs rarely has pizza without milk.

    When I was pregnant with my 4th, I ate applesauce mixes with cottage cheese. There were days it was all I could choke down...

  6. Peanut butter on apples--a staple in my diet, Jennifer. :) I LOVE that combo. I'll admit, the wierdest combo I put together was a mayo and grape jelly sandwich. Um, I only ate it once or twice. :) Nutella--Jennifer, you and I must be cut from the same cloth, at least in some ways. :)

    I like pretzels and peanut butter. My youngest dips carrots in ketchup.

  7. I used to eat pepperoni pizza topped with Cool Ranch Doritos. Though I haven't had it in a while the memory of it still tastes good. Now my staple snack that everyone calls weird (until they try it) is popcorn with lemon-pepper and Crystal hot sauce. It's deeeeeelicious!