March 22, 2013

Freaky Friday: Switcheroo

One of my favorite movies in the last ten years is Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. (Yes, I know this is a remake but I've never seen the original.)

If you've never seen it, it's about a mom and daughter who mysteriously switch bodies for an entire day.

So, since it's Friday, I want to know...

Who would you trade places with for a day if you could? 

I'd definitely trade places with a singer, like Kari Jobe, or a Broadway star -- just to know what it felt like to perform in front of thousands. To touch thousands.

What about you?


  1. I thought this was a good movie with a great message. What a tough question, hmmm...

    Either Kevin Williamson because he's an amazing writer and I'd love to be in his brain and hello, be a part of writing Vampire Diaries! lol Or Ivanka Trump. I'm studying her as a model for character I'm writing and she fascinates me. Smart and beautiful.

    Or maybe an early Sally Field so I can accept her Oscar and say her famous line. But before the infomercials. I don't care to do those.

    Fun, fun, today!

  2. Okay, this is both a fun and brilliant question ... and I can't answer it!!
    I mean ... I want to just have fun with it and ... I can't choose!!
    Okay ... wait, no ...

    I asked my husband ... he got all quiet and said "I don't know."
    I don't feel so badly now.

    It might be fun to be a dancer on Broadway for one completely exhausting day -- a successful Broadway dancer. Not one who just schleps from audition to audition ...

  3. What a great question, Lindsay! BTW, I love both versions of that movie. :) Let's see, who would I want to trade places with? Maybe someone who's a complete daredevil, since I SOOOO am not. :) That way I could experiences thrills and excitement for a day and then go back to my "safe" life with a new perspective. :)

  4. Fun question, Lindsay. I'd trade places with my current heroine. That way I could see her world through her eyes. Of course, since she lives back in the year 1871, I wouldn't want to walk in her shoes, er, boots long. I like indoor plumbing, electricity, and the Internet far too much.

  5. I love the original Freaky Friday. I have it on dvd (and the new one too) so we can watch it when you're here sometime. :) I can think of so many people to trade places with just for fun...but if I only get a day, I think I'm going to go with Katharine Hepburn during the filming of Bringing Up Baby. Getting to hang out with Cary Grant, Howard Hawks AND a leopard? Sounds fun to me. Plus she wears such funny outfits in that movie!