February 20, 2013

Bless the Lord Reason #17: For Heart Connections

"You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another." (Proverbs 27:17)

We know from God's Word that friends are meant to keep each other accountable. To help each other stay the path. To challenge each other.

And yes, by all means, a good friend does all of these things.

But when I think of my life, one of the things for which I'm profoundly grateful is my heart connections with others.

This life would be so boring if traveled alone. Oh sure, there are plenty of times I relish alone-ness. The silence. The still air and the soul seeking.

But so often I come alive the most when I'm connecting with another person's heart. There is something so simple in it--and yet, it doesn't feel simple. Feels anything but.

Because how many times have I wondered...am I the only one? How many times have I cried alone? Or asked--myself--if I'll always feel this way?

God has been my only comfort more time than I can count--and He is enough, don't get me wrong.

But He doesn't intend for us to go this road alone. He placed other people in our path to walk it with us, not for us to stubbornly walk off, determined to do this thing by ourselves, without help.

True, it can be difficult to find someone who your heart bonds with, but I believe God can provide--and often just when we need the provision most. I know he's provided this for me. I am so blessed to have many friends with whom I can share myself, my secrets, my desires, friends who will not poke fun or abandon me.

Friends who will stay the course, not only sharpening me but encouraging my heart--reminding me that I CAN take another step, and they're going to prove it by taking it with me. 

Your Turn: Do you have a friend who encourages you? What advice would you give someone who feels alone?

*Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net


  1. You know I was blown away surprised by how God has blessed me with writer friends who've encouraged me at such key times. I've found life friends on this journey. It changes things, doesn't it...helps you keep on keepin' on when the going gets tough.

    Glad you are being blessed.

  2. Do I have a friend who encourages me? Hmmm... :)

    Hehehe, yes, definitely. You, for one! And some amazing girlfriends...and writer-friends like Susie and Rachel and Beth and Lisa and Alena and Gabe and so many others who are walking this writing road together. I love how even though we're all at different stages of the journey, the heart connection is the same!

  3. Love your thoughts here, Lindsay! (And I love that I was named next to so many AMAZING writers in Melissa's list above:) What I've been blown away by over this past year is the heart-connections I've made in the writing community. And, like Melissa said, it doesn't matter where we're at on the journey, our heart connections are the same (love it). It's a great blessing from the Lord, one I'm thankful for every day of my life. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!

  4. Today seems like a running theme of friendships/encouragement. I'm thankful for so many in my life! :)

  5. I love what you unpacked here today, Lindsay. We NEED friends who sharpen us about the things of God and the heart. I have several good friends, but there are a precious handful who know me inside and out and share the deepest part of my life with me - the faith walk God has called us on together. Yes, sometimes God alone comforts us. But don't you love it when He sends those comforters to show His love and encouragement when we need it most? Ahhh...yes. :)

  6. I think back to last winter and my forays into this whole new world of writing. You were one of the first people who made me feel like part of the team and not a hanger-on. Your encouragement and friendship means ALOT to me. I know I tease about fry bread, the heat and wimpy Arizonans who can't take the cold, but you, Lindsay Harrel, are a treasure.

    Meeting you was one of the best gifts of 2012.