January 25, 2013

Fun Friday: Pampering

I gotta say...sometimes, a girl just needs to be pampered.

Next week, I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted. Finally.

It's gonna feel sooooo good.

Because my split ends are starting to take over and I don't have to tell you how fun that is.

I never used to highlight my hair, but it kept getting a darker shade of blonde over the years and I wanted it to pop more. It costs a bit extra (I only go every three months!), but it's so worth that "pretty" feeling.

I also am quite partial to pedicures as a form of pampering...hmm, maybe once it's warm enough to wear sandals again (usually in March here!)...

Your Turn: What's your pampering of choice? Forget how expensive it is and go with your gut reaction on this one... :)



    I used to go to a massage therapist who had the hands of a 50 year old male lumberjack who descended from a line of professional hand wrestlers.
    She, yes ,SHE, knew my happy place.

    And now? She has a wicked waiting list. Sniff...

  2. I stinkin' love getting my hair washed! Love it! Ahhhh...two weeks for me, baby! Not so much a nail person as I usually manage on ruining them before I step out of the salon.
    ~ Wendy

  3. My pampering of choice: A hot tub and a wonderful book. :)

  4. My choice? Full body massage. A-Mazing! Then a long nap. I'm getting my hair done in a couple of weeks. I used to have a new color every 8-10 weeks, lol, but I've been in my original dark-haired slump. So I'm going red come February. (again) ha!