January 18, 2013

Fun Friday: Belated Anniversary Celebration!

No, this isn't where we're staying. But isn't it purty?
My husband and I started a tradition on our first anniversary: we always celebrate by spending a night in a hotel somewhere.

We've tried to vary the hotels where we stay. Sometimes they're fancy. Sometimes they're not. But it's always nice to get away.

I'm hoping we can keep it up, even once we have kids (foolish thinking?).

Our anniversary is in November, but it's right before Thanksgiving and my husband usually has trials (he's an attorney). So this year, we're celebrating in January. This weekend, in fact, since we both have three-day weekends courtesy of MLK, Jr.

I can't wait to lay back, splurge, and enjoy our little weekend "away."

Your Turn: What are you up to this weekend? Do you have Monday off work? If you're married, how do you celebrate your anniversary?


  1. It's birthday celebration week here w/ all my girls born at the end of Jan. Bring on the balloons, candy, and slumber parties--yikes--what was I thinking? ;-)

  2. Not foolish thinking at all! We get away often. :) Happy early Anniversary. Have a great time.

    We've been to the Bahamas, bed and breakfasts, Rhode Island, just depends.

  3. I love that tradition, Lindsay. My husband and I try to get away once or twice a year, though it's not usually for our anniversary. And, yes, it is possible with kids, it just takes more planning. My husband has missed more than one anniversary because he's been traveling for work. We celebrate "us" all year, so we celebrate our anniversaries when we're able. Often, we celebrate by going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Although for our first anniversary, when we lived in Alabama, he took me to a B and B in Atlanta, we saw Phantom of the Opera and he took me to dinner at a restaurant I'd read about years before. So romantic. :)

    This weekend holds some Bible study group time, time with the family, and possibly time with a friend.

  4. Hope you guys have a ton of fun!

    No, I don't have Friday off. The one downside of working at a private nonprofit... :) But what will get me through it is remembering that four weeks from today, I'll be hanging out with you in Phoenix. Woohoo!

  5. Sadly, this coming anniversary, which is #24, I will be on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean ...with my mommy.
    Hubs has missed at least, at LEAST 10 of our anniversaries due to work or bass fishing.
    So, when I hoist my Diet Coke on the rocks toward North America, I'll look over at my mom, get all teary eyed and say "We're going to Greece, Mom!!"
    I'd say Hubs and I will be sort of even.

  6. It's not foolish thinking to hope to get away once a year together - I think it's wise thinking! When our kiddos were babies, we couldn't always get away ON our anniversary, but we did get away when we could.

    This weekend we're working on our basement remodel! I've told my husband he has until the end of June to get the whole thing finished! I have house guests coming!!! ;) I'm hoping it's done LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG before that, though.