August 17, 2012

Fun Friday: Camping Style

One thing I’ve done since I was a little girl is go camping. Here in Arizona, you probably think there’s only a desert, right? Wrong!

About a 2 hours’ drive north of Phoenix, there begin to be a plethora of camping options in the forest.

This weekend, we’re going with our Sunday School class, and it should be a blast.

But I’ve been asked—am I tent camping or using an RV? Well, much as I’d love to use an RV, a tent is my fate. And that’s okay. Sleeping on the blow-up mattress and getting filthy remind me of all the awesome things I have at home. Hehe.

And it is pretty cool to hear the rain patter at night on the tent roof. (As long as there aren’t any leaks!)

What about you? Are you a camper? If so, do you tent camp or use an RV of some sort? Or are you a cabin-only kind of person?

Happy Friday!

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  1. Lindsay,

    Have a wonderful time! We're die-hard tent campers all the way! We're actually saving up for a few of those military cots because the older I get, the more 'princess and the pea' I feel. Love camping with the family and every time we go, we thank the Lord that He's given us one more time away from the cares of the world with our incredible family.


  2. Have a blast! Absolutely LOVE to camp...anything in the outdoors and I'm signing on.
    ~ Wendy

  3. I grew up camping with my family, but I'll go ahead and admit it..I'm an RV girl all the way. :) Give me a real mattress and hard roof over my head and I'm happy. :) Tents freak me out...especially if it's windy. Hehehe...but I do love bonfires! Oh, and when we were kids, my mom would always make homemade donuts when we camped. Yep, that was my fave. :)

  4. I love camping - as long as my outdoorsman husband is there to set up the tent and build the fire :)

  5. Tent girl here, too. Most harrowing experience? Arriving at the Grand Canyon campground in the middle of the blizzard. Most amazing experience? After the snow stopped at the tents were pitched and we'd raided the general store for beanies and gloves, walking to the canyon and having our first glimpse (ever!) of it being with a fresh coat of snow. Amazing. Have fun camping!!

  6. I'm a pop-up camper girl—a cross between tent and RV! Does that count? ;-) I love to go camping but have found that my daughter & I are happiest in cooler places with less bugs! LOL

  7. I grew up camping a lot in Minnesota - in both tents and RV's of some kind. My husband grew up camping hard-core - like no running water, no electricity, canoeing into the backwoods of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the boarder of Minnesota & Canada where there were no other humans for miles. I went with his family once when we were dating and it was unlike anything I'd ever done - in good ways and not so good ways. Sadly, it rained most of the week and it was also my "time of the month" and obviously there were no get the picture. It gave me a better appreciation of my pioneering mothers. :)

  8. I loved camping as a kid. It was part of our summers and holidays. Now...I love it even more b/c I get to do it in HOTEL!!! Bwahahahaha!

  9. As a kid, I loved camping with my sisters in the backyard under sheets tied between chairs and trees, but it never lasted long. When it comes to sleeping, I'm an indoor girl. Hahaha!

  10. In my younger days I was a "hike in and pitch a tent" person but now that I am old and fat, I find car camping to be more comfortable. If I could afford an RV it would definitely be an RV, but for now, the minivan works just fine.