August 29, 2012

A Few (25) of My Favorite Things…

I really like learning random things about my friends. That’s why I appreciated recent blog posts by fellow writer peeps Beth Vogt and Melissa Tagg. Beth named 25 things about herself and Melissa named 25 things she likes that start with the letter “T.”

So I decided to write about 25 things I like that start with the letter “L.” You know, for Lindsay.

1.     Lip gloss. Not quite lipstick, but leaves your lips all slick and shiny like people in the movies. Love it!

All you need is love...
2.     Love. Okay, I know that one was cheap, but it’s all you need anyway!

3.     Listening to music. Especially show tunes.

4.     Lavender. Both the color and the smell—so relaxing!

5.     Lizzie. As in Bennett. As in Pride and Prejudice. As in, I love this character so much I want to name my first child Elizabeth. Let’s hope my first child is not a boy. (And no, I’m not pregnant!)

6.     Lackadaisical. Because it’s fun to say.

7.     Lawyers. Okay, I really only “like” one—my husband.

8.     Loofas. Soooo much better than washcloths, let me tell ya.

9.     Laughter. What would life be without it, especially the belly aching kind?

10. Lollipops. Both the candy and the song (“Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly-lollipop.” So simple.)

11. Little Women. Who doesn’t love this book and movie? Sigh. Reminds me of childhood. (Not the story, but the fact that I read it when I was a kid.)

12. Ladybugs. They’re just so cute!

13. Licks from my puppy. Okay, I don’t exactly like this, especially since we’re trying to teach her not to lick…but she’s just so sweet when she does it! Puppy kisses!

14. Licorice. But not the cherry kind OR black OR pull-and-peel. Just give me good old-fashioned strawberry, please. Or green apple. Yum, yum.
Me love books.
15. Literary stuff. You know, like books. And reading.

16. Libraries! ‘Nuff said to explain the joy that bubbles up when I think of this word.

17. Life. Guess I should say this one. Seems rather obligatory, don’t you think? But I am! I’m so grateful for every day I have on this earth with my loved ones.

18. Light. I can’t work in the dark. I fall asleep.

19. Labels. The extremely organized detailed editor in me loves labels.

20. Lists. The extremely organized detailed editor in me ALSO loves lists.

21. Lindsay. As a name. I’m named after my parents, who both have the middle name “Lynn.” Love namesakes!

22. Lemonheads (the candy). Bring on the sour stuff!

23. A Little Princess (the “a” doesn’t count!). Loved this movie when I was little. Love, love, love.

24. Luke. As in the book of the Bible. I like how Luke is so practical and logical. And detailed! Sounds like someone else I know…

25. Learning. I’m always aching for knowledge about a variety of topics.

And now, I want to learn about you! What’s your favorite thing that starts with the letter “L”?

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  1. Lindsay,

    Yay! Another 25 list! Fun stuff about you....

    Let's see. I love LOVERS! Without lovers what would we fiction writers have to write about???

    And I love Larkspur flowers - they look like fairy dresses.

    And I love Lupines - years ago my daughter and I found a wonderful book called The Lupine Lady. It's about a lady who (a little like Johnny Appleseed) walks and spreads lupines wherever she went because the lupines outside her bedroom window helped her get through a terrible illness. That's why lupines grow wild along country roads and paths and highways.

    Fun stuff!


  2. Hey! I didn't know you were named after both your parents. That's too cool.

    And I'm going to agree with you on Little Women...but only to a point. Because I so over-the-top believe Jo should've married Laurie. You don't say no to Christian Bale!!!!!! Okay, fine, so that's more of a rant toward the movie version. In the book, my devastation isn't quite so painful... :)

    Another L thing...oh, Larkrise to Candleford. Such a good BBC show!!

    Ooh, also late nights. But only on weekends. Because I'm too much of an early riser during the week.

  3. Oh so many goodies. My favorite = laughter! Ladybugs rock and libraries too. Every time I swing by one of these I swear I'm on Sesame Street.
    ~ Wendy

  4. I'll pass on licks from puppies and I like lip gloss but I hate wearing it in the wind. My hair gets stuck to my lips and then when I brush it away it leaves a filmy sheen across my cheek, that I don't see there until after I've spoken with important people. You know.

    Lilies are my favorite flower and my favorite Laundry detergent is Lilies and Linens! ha! Bonus points for me!!

  5. I love the 25 Things list! I'll have to do it soon. :) And I loved learning things about you. My middle name is Lyn, with one n.

    What do I love with the letter L? The first thing that came to me is Land. I love being outside and exploring the land, whether it's in the woods, fields, prairie, lake, even swamps! It's so much fun to just be outside and enjoy the land that God has made!

  6. Great list, Lindsay! Fun stuff!

    Loree loves laughter, lips (hubby's lips), Lake Michigan, and the Lord!

    Melissa - I'm a Larkrise fan! Been through the series twice now.

  7. Fun, fun, fun! I'm with Jess, I'll pass on puppy licks, but I do love long walks. It provides time to ponder, process, and relax. :)

  8. Fun list, Lindsay! Hmm, things with L...How about losing weight, which I'm trying hard to do in time for ACFW? :)

  9. This is a fun list! I should make a list like this for my blog so people can I get to know me better! Wonderful post, Lindsay!

  10. That was great! So if I do one, am I stuck with 25 J things?

    1. No, I think you could just do whatever letter you wanted! LOL. Make up your rules!

  11. Oh, it's the end of a lo-ong day -- all my days are that way, ya know? --but how fun to come here and learn 25 new things about you.
    And I nodded my head at 2,3,6,9 and 11 especially.
    Who knew we both liked the word lackadaisical?