June 15, 2012

Fun Friday: An Interview with Myself on the Occasion of My 100th Blog Post

Hello, folks, and welcome to Lindsay Harrel’s blog, which turns 100 posts old today!

[Audience: Cheers]

I’m your hostess, Lindsay #1. Today I have the cool privilege of interviewing Lindsay #2, the normal author of this blog. Yes, it’s been hijacked. (And no, I did not call myself Lindsay #1 because I think I’m better. Much. It was just, uh, more convenient. Yeah, that’s it.)

Lindsay #2 and I thought it would be oh so delightful for me to ask her some questions about her writing and this blog.

I’ll label what each of us say so you don’t get confused (though I don’t know how you could possibly confuse us…I’m the pretty one).

Lindsay #2: Hey! That’s not very nice.

Lindsay #1: Oops, hehe, just kidding, of course. So, Lindsay, this is your 100th blog post. How do you feel?

Lindsay #2: Exhausted. Haha, kidding, kidding. But really, I’m just so amazed that I made it this far. And the time really flew by! I started blogging back in September, but wasn’t super consistent until November. Now I blog three times a week, and whaddaya know? I really enjoy it, and people out there actually read this thing!

Lindsay #1: Remember those days when you would get no comments? Haha, that was funny.

Lindsay #2: Again, not very nice.

Lindsay #1: What? You know I love you like a sister or something.

Lindsay #2: Yeah, or something.

Lindsay #1: Anyway, has this blog accomplished what you have hoped it would? What was your vision when you started out?

Lindsay #2: Good question. I—

Lindsay #1: It was a good question, wasn’t it?

Lindsay #2: Uh, do you want me to answer or not?

Lindsay #1: Sheesh, always wanting to be the center of attention. What a diva. Alright, go on.

Lindsay #2: Gee, thanks so much. Anyway, this blog started out as a way for me to get serious about being a writer, kind of like a formal statement saying, “I’m doing this!” I thought I’d chronicle my adventures of writing and so on. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I really didn’t have a whole lot to say! Well, I had stuff to say, but it wasn’t really news to anyone but a newbie author—my early writing posts are a bit laughable, really, talking about how awesome character sheets are and how attending a conference is so cool. Thank you to all of you patient friends who put up with those!

Lindsay #1: Yeah, like me. (Well, they WERE pretty laughable.) Soooo…what changed?

Lindsay #2: Well, I started to think about who I wanted my readers to be, both on my blog and my future book readers. It got me thinking—while I would surely have some readers who were also writers, not all would be. But most would likely be Christian or at least somewhat interested in faith issues, if they’d picked up an inspirational fiction book—so I kind of re-evaluated what I wanted to write posts about. Now I do a mixture of topics related to writing, faith, and life stuff, but most of it has a spiritual slant to it.

Lindsay #1: Yeah, except for days like today. Ha! So how is the writing life going?

Lindsay #2: I love it. I love the actual writing, the revising, even the feedback…once I get over the heartache and have some ice cream. LOL.

Lindsay #1: Did you actually just laugh out loud, or are you being facetious?

Lindsay #2: I guess you’ll never know…

Lindsay #1: Darn it, you know how I hate not knowing everything about everyone! Sigh. So, Lindsay, what’s been the coolest thing you’ve discovered since starting your writing journey last fall?

Lindsay #2: Thanks for asking, Lindsay. Hands down, it’s been the awesome people I’ve met in the writing community. I mean, I’ve never met most of them in person, but I consider them close friends already. We tweet, Facebook message, text, and email. And several other Christian writers (regardless of whether they are in the same boat as me, have agents, or are published) have come alongside me and encouraged me, critiqued my stuff, and given me advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you! Muah!

Lindsay #1: Hey, what about me? I’ve been here with you through thick and thin.

Lindsay #2: Uh sure. Thanks for doing this interview today. You’ve been bugging me long enough to let you post something on the blog. Although truth be told, you’ve been rather—

Lindsay #1: And I’m afraid we’re all out of time today, folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this admittedly bizarre interview with the lovely Lindsay #2. I’m your host, the even lovelier Lindsay #1, wishing you happy Fun Friday!

Your Turn: Okay, Lindsay #2 here. I’ve managed to regain control of my blog again. Lest you think I’m completely insane, here’s a serious question for you: Do you blog? If so, how long have you been at it? What’s the most fun post you’ve ever written? If you don’t blog (or if you do and you’d prefer to answer this question), what’s one of your favorite blogs and why?

*Photo courtesy of Salvatore Vuono


  1. I am literally LOL at this post, Lindsay! ;)

    Fun getting to know you a bit better.

    I think the post I had the most fun with on my blog was called "Anatomy of a Brother." I loved to evaluate how my two sons related to one another in a light, funny way.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Glad to know it was an actual LOL, Heidi. :)

      Aw, that sounds like such a cute post!

  2. Yep. You've gone insane. Get some help!

    I blog and I really enjoy it! I have met some amazing people through blogging. More people should try it. Blogging is fun!!

    But it is hard because it takes time. And who has time?? It takes some thought...who has time to think?? It takes creativity and discipline!

    Now people can understand why you've gone insane!! ;)

    Great post! Keep up the good work!

    1. I know, blogging certainly is a discipline. There are definitely days it's harder than others to sit down and write a post. But I like that I have some sort of deadline to work with, you know?

  3. You crack me up!

    Yes, I blog. ;-) I'm almost at post 600 & somehow I haven't thrown out any reposts. Crazy, crazy!
    ~ Wendy

    1. I remember when you hit 500! I think I only had like 15 at the time. You inspired me!

  4. You make me laugh! LOL

    I blog. I love it. Some of my funniest posts are about adventures with my friend "Jane"!

    1. Ooo, mysterious! Can't wait to see her next week on your vlog. Haha.

  5. Lindsay, fun post! I think it's so wise you re-evaluated what you were writing to gear your content toward your reading audience.

    I love blogging, it's my favorite form of social media, but it is hard work. But who said being a writer was supposed to be easy?

    Congrats on 100 posts!

    1. I actually read some posts on the subject about not writing about writing all the time. And I felt instant relief.

  6. This is hilarious, Linds. Hi-lar-ious! Congrats on reaching 100 posts.

    Yes, I blog...as you know. I've been at it for oh, maybe 2-3 years...I honestly don't remember...but I only got serious about it last summer and then came up with a consistent schedule in the fall. It's fun. My favorite post...umm...recently I had a lot of fun writing about marrying Tim Tebow, but I think my all-time fave was finding a Muppet to match each presidential candidate. :)

    1. I thought you might enjoy it. ;) Your funny posts always inspire me. I didn't know you just got serious about your posts, because I didn't start reading your blog until after that!

  7. I blog...with reluctance. Time seems to be my biggest struggle, but also finding the right words. I'm not so sure what my favorite post would be. My favorite part of blogging is getting to know my blog readers through their comments and blogs. Like you, I met some great people...several of whom I haven't met yet.

    1. I always love your blog posts, Lisa. They always provoke such thought in me.

  8. Funny post! Congrats on 100!

    My favorite post was my first anniversary post, earlier this year. I had my first giveaway, and so many well-wishes from bloggy pals. I really enjoyed that blog post.

    1. How fun to do giveaways! And again...the support from other bloggy friends is so fun and encouraging.

  9. Congratulations Lindsay ... and um, Lindsay!
    Joining the celebration with ... both of you.

    Yes, I blog.
    And I love it -- although my first run at it was a bust. Never took off the way I imagined.
    Anyway most fun blog post I've ever written? Oh, wow ... my blog is all about quotes and I love finding fun quotes ... but, yeah, it was fun blogging about the day I signed my book contract. Yeah ... that was a day worth celebrating!

    1. Haha, thanks, Beth! I don't have a twin like you, so I sorta made one up...er.

      That IS fun. I can't wait until it's my turn to write a blog about that. Someday...

  10. Lindsay, you're so endearing! :) I feel like you and I are in the same boat! I started a family blog last Ocotber because it WAS TIME to get my writing life up and running. I've been so busy raising a family and operating our small business, I felt like I needed a "getaway" for myself, so, like you, I started the blog but was not consistent. In February I realized I wanted to go full force so I closed down that blog and started my current blog, where I post three days a week. You were one of the first people I met when I started blogging this spring and I'm so thankful I did!

    Thanks for some smiles this morning!!

  11. How fun are you? :) You know what? God has blessed me so profoundly since I "came out" as a writer and began officially blogging and tweeting and stuff. The friends and encouragement He has brought me has been overwhelming. Is it possible to have friends you've never met that feel closer to you than the friends you see all the time?

    Love you, friend!!

    1. I know! It's crazy how that can happen, isn't it? Love you back, soul sis. ;)

  12. Oh this was great!! #1 and #2 do need to get along a wee bit better tho...:)
    That was laugh out loud funny!
    Actually, I started journalling/blogging in 2001.
    11 years ago.
    I've learned to NEVER EVER post what I write after 11pm. That seems to be mental filter death hour. Ohhhh yeah. El Muerto del Los Filter.
    I've written close to 2000 entries, but some got hacked a few years ago. Thousands of bloggers lost almost 6 months of entries. That was harsh.
    I think my all time favourite blog is Stuff Christians Like with Jon Acuff. I love twisted dry humour. But he has depth in his writing that blows me away.

    When I do my research road trip in July, I might even , Lord willing, meet someone from this very page!!

    1. Oh wow, that would have been horrible to lose all of those posts! Sad! :(

      I haven't tried that blog. I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the recommendation.

      And I hope to meet you too! Thanks so much for stopping by. :D

  13. Happy 100 posts Lindsay!

    Before I started blogging, I was on the fence about it. But now, I love it!!!

    Here's to 100 more!

    1. Thanks, Patrice! I love reading your blog. So adventurous. :)

  14. I don't have a personal blog anymore and I miss it a great deal. I guess I need to pick up some lessons from some of you writers who are much better at balance than I am. What I liked best was being able to share my broken steps along the faith journey and connecting with others who love Jesus. I miss that second part the most.

    1. It is a great way to connect with others, but you need to focus on what you can do. You know what's the most important thing for you to focus on now! But if you ever do start up a personal blog, I'd love to read it! :)