May 30, 2012

Names of God: El Shadday

We seem to sing about “God Almighty” quite a bit.


Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty
Early in the morning we will sing
Holy, Holy, we bow down before Thee
All Your children love to sing Your name
God Almighty*


You are all I need
You're my everything
God Almighty
God Almighty**

But do we really understand what it means to worship an all-powerful God?

Yeah. All-powerful.

Like as in, He can do anything.

According to Ann Spangler, in her book Praying the Names of God, “When we pray to El Shadday, we invoke the name of the one for whom nothing is impossible.”

It’s a great thought, isn’t it? … To know that the one we worship is capable of doing all things.

So we pray for healing. We pray for peace. We pray for good things to come our way. We pray for our loved ones to find the Lord.

But then why are we often surprised when those prayers are granted?

Do we REALLY believe He has the power to do what He says He will do?

Or are we like Abraham’s wife Sarah, who laughed at the Almighty God when He promised her a son in her old age?

Do we laugh at God’s promises? Do we think they sound good in theory but doubt that He can carry them out?

Maybe His miracles look different today than they did back then, but He’s still the same God, and He’s still got the same power.

Can I get an “amen”?

Your Turn: Do you have trouble doubting that God is El Shadday? How has He revealed Himself as El Shadday in your life?

*Lyrics from Chris Tomlin’s song God Almighty
**Lyrics from David Crowder’s song God Almighty, None Compares

Photo courtesy of Evgeni Dinev


  1. Still loving this series, Linds!

    I think in my heart, yes, I know God is El Shadday...I know the truth that he is capable of all things. my everyday life, I often let my flesh take over and try to figure things out on my own. Just read this morning about reasoning and worry and kept thinking to myself, "Dude, Melissa, if you TRULY trust God and believe he's all-powerful, then then why the heck do you so often act as if your to-do lists and goals are the answer rather than trusting God?!"

    And I love how your post lined up with what I was already thinking about today - how cool.

    Hope you have a brilliant day today, Lindsay!!

    1. I love how God does that...keeps bringing us back to a certain truth until it's pounded into our heads. :) And hopefully planted in our hearts.

  2. Every day, as I experience God and watch Him come through in my life, I trust Him more, believe Him more. I got goosebumps, girl! Love it!

    1. Step by step...that's the walk of faith.

  3. He's awesome! I've seen Him respond to so many of my prayers. If I ever doubt, then I make myself remember what He's done in the past.

    1. Looking back at what He's done is a great way to hold onto His promises for today!

  4. I'm left in awe of God every day. Sometimes fear hinders me from believing that God will do what He promises, but I've seen so many everyday miracles that I am left in awe of God and believing in His Almighty Power more and more.

    1. Ah yes, fear...that destroyer of so many good things.

      I'm so glad you've seen God's power. I have too, and it's quite a thing to behold.

  5. He is our God almighty!! He has proven Himself over and over in my life. But even if He never answered another prayer in my life, He provided me salvation. That's enough!

    A great thought indeed! Plus I love the Amy Grant song too...


    1. I know! I keep singing it when I see the title of this post... :P

  6. I believe He is El Shadday...absolutely. And I know He keeps His promises. My trouble is being certain whether what I'm asking for, is in His will. But whenever it is, I have seen God's power is mighty. Thanks for the great post.

    1. That's so true, Marney. It is so hard sometimes to know what His will is for our lives, but if we are persistent in asking, I believe He'll show us. :) Thanks so much for stopping by!