March 21, 2012

God Reigns

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)

We know there’s sin in the world. We all sin. Nobody’s perfect.

And yet…

There are just some things in this world that make me sick.

Watching the news, you hear about people doing awful things to one another.

But it’s even worse when ugly, grotesque, despicable sin hits close to home. When it becomes a reality. When it affects you and the people you love. Not because you’ve done it, but because you’re the victim of it.

Thankfully, I have not been the victim of this stomach-dropping type of sin—the kind so evil, you can’t imagine it really exists outside of the television world—but I have known friends who were.

And it made me question. It made me ask God where He was. Why He didn’t stop it. Why He allowed—and continues to allow—such depravity and evil to fester in this world.

There is no simple answer to why, but I do know this: Without that dark, dark sin, the brilliant light of good emanating from Jesus wouldn’t look half so holy.

And I also know this: Jesus said He has overcome this world.

He has overcome.

He is in charge.

He allows evil for a time, but evil will not reign. It does not reign. It cannot reign.

God reigns.

And when I hear stories of depraved acts, I can do nothing else but cry out to the Lord of Heaven and Earth and beg Him to be present, to shine His light into these situations, to remind me and those around me that He. Has. Overcome.

Wretchedness will not win.

Friends, let’s be on our knees today, praying for those who believe wretchedness has overtaken this world, who have been affected personally. Let us pray that God will heal those broken hearts and mend those weary souls, and that His light will penetrate the darkness and drive out evil.

Your Turn: Aren’t you so glad God has overcome? What is your prayer today?

*Photo by David Castillo Dominici


  1. Powerful post, Lindsay.
    I've been there ... think wretchedness had won the day.
    And I've experienced God's healing and power -- his ability to say, "There's more than this for you."
    And yes, I'm glad He overcomes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.
    One of my prayers for today is thanking God for friends like you who write truth -- and remind us to thank God for who he is.

    1. I've been so blessed by many of your posts as well, Beth. I love when God puts truth in my path, when I nearly stumble over it, even when I wasn't looking.

  2. I think the whole question of evil is one of the hardest to handle. Honestly, a person can get so confused trying to figure it all out. Did God really create evil? Or did it just happen? And if it did, doesn't that negate the whole God created everything thing? I've got someone in my life who just can't reconcile those questions and it's wrecking his faith. Breaks my heart. I want so badly for him to see that God is so much bigger than his own logic...and his promises oh-so-powerful. God will win. All the horrid stuff in the world today is absolutely going to lose out.

    But in the meantime, people hurt and those of us with hope, the real thing, we've got a job to do and it's exactly what you said - get on our knees and pray. Thanks for spurring us on! Powerful stuff, Linz. :)

    1. Totally with you all the way, Mel. Completely.

  3. Yes, I am grateful God has overcome. I feel for those who see the ugly and believe it is all there is.

    I'm in prayer about something heavy and related. A neighbor in jail. Wanting justice. But somehow wanting God to intervene in his life as well. This last bit is new. Working through it all.
    ~ Wendy

    1. It sounds like God is working in this situation, Wendy. Even if it is in small steps. Praying with you for this situation.

  4. Yes, I am thankful for Him and being involved with wickedness (or around it) is super hard. Like you said, it makes me feel sick. So many people were exposed or victimized by someone else, and it's just really sad. :-(((
    My prayer today is fairly light, that my son would get better from whatever has been giving him a fever the last three days.

    1. Nothing is too small or insignificant! Praying your son feels better.

  5. I join you in your prayers. The world needs the light and love of Christ. I pray that all believers will shine brighter than ever and the Holy Spirit will pour out a refreshing rain on us all.

  6. Great post, Lindsay. Oh so true. When I read about that couple who won 2 million dollars in a law suit because their doctor didn't tell them their daughter had Down's Syndrome (because they would have aborted her had they known...) my stomach turned at such lack of respect for human life.

    Yet, I was once pro-choice (pro-abortion, let's call it was it is!) and once fought for that couple's right to choose abortion.

    Boy was I humbled.

    God never winks at sin...any sin no matter how small.

    You are right in that we are to glorify in that because Christ overcame...we are now Overcomers!!

    Oh come quickly, Lord!

    1. Oh, that's awful, Ruth! But so good to know that no matter how much sin there is in the world, God is still God...and He's so powerful.

  7. Wonderful post to be alert, sober. Pray without ceasing. Christ's victory is what gives me hope to put one foot in front of the other. Love!

    1. Hope is so's what I pray I always have, even when faced with the devastation around me.

  8. Awesome reminder, Lindsay. Tonight I'm praying for rest and renewed strength for tomorrow.