March 30, 2012

Fun Friday: My Bucket List

I’m a pretty simple girl. I don’t have a lot of extravagant things. I don’t dress super-hip and I don’t spend a lot of money (well, my husband may beg to differ on that one…).

But I’ve got dreams, baby. Oh yes, I do.

I think we all have things we wish we could do in life, but many of those are not realistic. But a bucket list…well, in my opinion, what’s on a bucket list is stuff you want to do that’s actually within reach.

I’m dreaming on this Fun Friday of a few items on my bucket list:

·      See my name on the cover of a traditionally published book. Or several. J

·      Travel to Europe with my husband (especially London and Rome!).

·      Visit Prince Edward Island with one of my best friends (we’re gonna do it someday, Meg, I promise!).

·      Read the top 100 works of classic British literature…and maybe American too, if I have time.

·      Have kids and raise them to love the Lord.

·      Star in Sound of Music, Music Man, or Oklahoma—or all three.

I’m sure I have more dreams that could become reality, but that’s enough for now.

What about you? What’s on your bucket list?

Photo by Simon Howden


  1. Can I go along on your P.E. Island trip?! I soooo want to go there, too!

    Also, I may be able to help you with one of your dreams. It's quite possible there's going to be a totally awesome Oklahoma-ish piece of the MBT Pizza Party. I'll email you... ;)

    1. Sure, the more the merrier!

      And oh my goodness, sign me up!!

  2. Maria! Love it. And I so hear you on the first one. I also want to run a half-marathon and live on a lake.
    ~ Wendy

    1. Number one is gonna happen for you, lady. I just know it!

  3. Definitely the London and Rome trip!! I also want to see the statue of David in Italy.

    Hawaii is another dream (hopefully, next year it will come true...)

    I'd love to have a series of books published.

    I'd love to have my own classroom and teach art someday.

    I'd love to travel across America in an RV with the hubby. That would be fun!

    I'd love to see the fall colors in New England.

    So much to do in the next 45 years! ;)

    1. Happy birthday!! Glad you have achieved so much already.

  4. I'm going to Italy and Ireland. I want to see an Opera while in Italy. Just because.

  5. I have big travel dreams too, Lindsay. My bucket list includes wanting to visit all seven continents. Of course, I'll be happy with six, but if I could afford to fly to Antarctica just to say I've been there, I would. :)

  6. PEI, oh yes. I need to add that to my Bucket List.
    And I want to visit Venice again. Went there a number of years ago with 3 little kiddos. This time I'm going to ride a gondola, not just the water taxis.
    And I want to go back to Israel -- only this time I won't be struggling with morning sickness.
    Australia ... there too.
    My list looks like a travel itinerary, doesn't it?
    How about this: Give away lots and lots of money.

    1. I like your list, Beth. Especially that last item.