January 13, 2012

Fun Friday: Colors

I thought I’d ask a fun question sometimes on Fridays to get to know you all better. I’ll give my answer and an explanation, and I’d love to hear your answers too!

What color best describes you?

For me, think pink.

I love all shades of pink, and because there are so many shades, I think this color describes me in all my moods.

Hot pink because I can be loud and silly and because I love life—and sometimes I bust down the walls of life and scream “Here I am! Notice me!” Must be the performer/actress in me. J

Pale pink because I’ve got a softer side. I can be super sensitive, a romantic, a listener, someone who is soothed by the softer things in life.

And finally, purplish pink because I love to craft stories and tell them creatively.

What about you?

*Photo courtesy of Salvatore Vuono: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=659


  1. Ah, so the purplish pink fits right in with your blog template. :) Fun question & it's interesting to read about you. I don't have an answer though, LOL. I'm not feeling creative enough to play this morning. Have a nice weekend, Lindsay.

  2. I really like green. But I think blue soothes me the most. And in this busy world, I appreciate colors that bring me peace the way so many shades of blue do.

  3. Ooh, I love green and blue, but I actually think purple might be the best fit for my personality...quirky, a little silly, but with the ability to be prim and proper in the right setting. :) Fun question!

  4. Creative post! I too love shades of pink but I don't think I'm nearly as passionate as you.
    Instead I think maybe black would better describe by favorite color. It's not because it is morbid, but because it is classic. Every woman needs a 'little black dress'. Black can be dressed up or casual, it fits all occasions and looks good on everyone.

  5. Barb, that's OK! I'm just glad you stopped in. :) You have a great weekend too.

    Heather, you're right. Blue IS soothing. But it can be fun too, which is something I suspect is a large aspect of your personality. :)

    Melissa, I love that! You're right. And purple is the color of royalty, you know. ;)

    TC, that's totally true! You can add that black is slimming too. LOL And yes, I love that it can be casual or elegant. Definitely a good color for describing you in any situation!

  6. Well, my favorite color is green ... so I want to say green.
    Green to me represents life. Growth.
    And there are so many beautiful shades to green, so it can reflect my varying moods.
    And I love the outdoors, so that represents my personality too.
    Green is a strong color ... and I think I've developed into a strong woman, with roots deep in my faith.

    What a fun, fun question.

  7. My first thought was red, because I'm a very passionate person. And I see red as a color of passion.

    I just asked my hubby, "If I was a color, what would it be?" (before I wrote what I did up above)

    And he said, "I don't know. Red, maybe?"

    HA! We're on the same page.

    I asked him why and he said because when he thinks of red he thinks vibrant and outgoing. Aww...hubby made me blush.

    Unfortunately red also means temper. And I definitely have an Irish temper on me. Something Jesus has been working on since I gave my life to him 10 years ago. I'm happy to say it's much better! But I'm still a work in progress.

  8. Beth, thank you for sharing! From what I've seen, you most definitely are a strong woman. God has certainly used you to encourage me, my friend!

    Katie, it's always nice (and scary) when our husbands know us as well or even better than we know ourselves! And what he said about you is so true! I also think of red as classic, and you're that too. :)