December 2, 2011

Lindsay’s Life: Some Fun Facts

A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger, Cheryl Linn Martin (see her fun blog, Life in Flip-Flops, here), gave me the Tell Me About Yourself Blog Award. Needless to say, I am quite flattered! Thanks, Cheryl!

Part of the award is telling seven facts about myself. I thought it would be fun since I’m fairly new to blogging and some of my readers don’t know me that well yet. So here goes…

1)   I’m a sour candy fanatic. Yep, I’ll take a bag of Sour Patch Kids over chocolate any day! (Yes, my mother always said I must not be her child, chocolate lover that she was.)

2)   In college, I sang in a Christian rock band. I still have about 50 unpurchased CDs sitting in my garage…

3)   I moved to Arizona when I was 6, but still consider myself a Texan at heart.

4)   Last April, I ran my first race (4.2 miles!). I’d never really run farther than a mile before that. In August, I started writing my first novel, when I’d only written short stories and essays before. Guess I like a challenge, and 2011 was a year of stretching myself.

5)    “Do you love it? I love it!” I probably got it at Ross (or Old Navy).

6)   I drink milk when I eat pizza. Some people think it’s weird. Seems perfectly normal to me!

7)   Confession: My guilty TV pleasure is the Bachelor and Bachelorette. It’s a train wreck and I’m a total rubbernecker!

Your Turn: Tell me a fun fact about yourself!


  1. Okay, I so do #7 too and I want one of those CDs! :D

    Happy weekend.
    ~ Wendy

  2. That last one is too funny. My mom and I were just talking a couple hours ago about the latest Bachelorette breakup, and I declared I'm officially done with that show. That is, until the next one starts, LOL.

    Great to learn more about you! Have a super weekend!

  3. Not terribly unexpected, I guess. I say that every time and then I watch it anyway!

  4. I'm with Wendy: How do I get one of those CDs?
    OK, fun fact with a lesson: I learned the adage "Never get your hair cut right after you break up with your boyfriend" the hard way.
    After the breakup, I got my hair cut uber-short because the guy always liked my hair long.
    Revenge on him right?
    And,yes, hair grows back, but oh-so-slowly when it's that short.

  5. Beth, that is too funny!

    And yes, if anyone actually wants a CD and isn't just humoring me, please feel free to email me your address. :P

  6. Lindsay, I think it's so cool that you sang in a Christian rock band. I'd love to take one of those CD off your hands. =)

  7. Thanks, Keli! Yep, it was a fun experience for sure. I still sing a lot at church and love to do musicals as well. Check out my Grease pics on Facebook to see me in a black wig as Rizzo. LOL.

  8. Fun facts! I liked the TV confessions the best!